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ITech Power Solutions is a global one-stop shop for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, which includes Virtual Assistance services, Telemarketing Services, Call support services, and many more. ITech Power Solutions has the tendency to take your business to the next level.  We will take care of all the business responsibilities for your business so you can work on getting more clients and your backend support is in the professional and competent hands of ITech Power Solutions.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Back office
We have a team that is efficient and skilled in handling administrative chores. This allows your salesforce to do what they do best – create money out of your business. Efficient back-office support is always necessary to ensure the rest of the processes in your business premises. Therefore, we can’t emphasize the importance of hiring an efficient Back Office Support team or outsourcing it to a responsible company such as ITech Power Solutions.
Data entry tasks must often be completed in a short period of time since the recorded information is needed for essential company processes, such as generating invoices and updating databases, among other things. It is also time-consuming and needs meticulous attention to detail throughout the data entry procedure. Businesses may benefit from ITech Power Solutions’ specialized data entry services, which are designed to assist them in meeting these difficulties.
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Virtual Assistant Services

Whether you are a hardworking entrepreneur, parent, scholar, or simply someone who wants more time to concentrate on their life, we are here to take on your duties for you and do them efficiently and effectively.

Because our staff is committed to making your life a bit brighter today than it was yesterday, please know that we are always available to get to know you and assist you with your daily chores if you find yourself too busy, stressed, or just in need of a helping hand.

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the greatest choices you can make when it comes to expanding your business. Your time is entirely yours to use as you want. In fact, right now, it’s submerged beneath an inordinate number of emails and mundane chores.

Call Support Services

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When you use online chat support solutions, you have the convenience of advertising your services/ products in the market you want to target while spending the least amount of money. ITech Power Solutions is a prominent live chat support company that has been in the business of delivering customized chat support services for years. In order to help you in extending your market reach, boosting the number of visits to your website, and reducing the number of people who leave your website, we provide cost-effective online chat support services.
ITech Power Solutions’ telephone services are ideal for improving client connections and achieving results via outbound calling campaigns. We have extensive experience collaborating with clients and providing toll-free customer care support services to customers all over the globe. The dedication of our workers and the quality of our services will ensure that you get the finest possible outcomes. You may get in touch with us if you want to outsource your phone call customer service.
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Email is the lifeblood of customer interactions, and it has the potential to provide real advantages for both companies and their consumers. Our email support is the solution to all of the contact center’s non-voice support requirements. You may use our service if you get a large number of emails from customers and do not have the time or resources to reply to each one with an individually tailored message.
ITech Power Solutions’ Inbound Call Center Services are mainly focused on increasing the amount of revenue and profits generated for our clients. Founded on an excellent product and industry expertise gained through years of experience in the offshore contact center services sector, our Inbound Contact Center Services are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. As a result of our years of expertise in inbound call handling, we are able to fulfill the needs of our contact center clients.
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An outbound call center is a must-have for every company seeking to grow and boost revenue. Outbound contact centers let businesses reach customers while keeping expenses down. Because a contact center’s primary goal is to serve consumers, it’s critical that businesses assess their requirements before selecting an experienced outbound call center provider. ITech Power Solutions has been a prominent supplier of outbound BPO services for over a decade and is the best solution for your company.

Telemarketing Services

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ITech Power Solutions, as your chosen partner, can help you in generating income via telemarketing or telesales, one of the most engaging and successful types of marketing.

With telemarketing, we may cross-sell goods or services to existing or new clients and adjust to their specific needs with a single phone call. Indeed, this is one of the least expensive advertising media when combined with human contact aimed at the mass market.


Telemarketing, also referred to as telesales and inside sales, is a time-honored and proven form of direct marketing. It is directly selling products or services via professional telemarketers or automated calls.

Happy Clients

ITech Power Solutions’ service bundle is superb. They have a great staff to do the job. We anticipate this partnership to grow as we extend our worldwide footprint utilizing ITech’s expertise. This company is highly recommended by us. We love them.

CEO, A Fast-Growing R&D Company in Florida

ITech Power Solutions’ employees were nice to deal with and attentive in their duties. They also supplied motivated and committed employees to guarantee the projects ran well. We highly suggest ITech Power Solutions for help center and patient remote monitoring services.

Program Manager, Healthcare IT Start-up

During this whole project, ITech Power Solutions showed initiative and dedication to our cause, which we really appreciate. We write this recommendation letter with respect and without reluctance.

Operations Manager, US food wholesaler

Professional in their work, ITech Power Solutions is a joy to work with and is always ready to spend the necessary time to discuss and optimize a situation. ITech’s monitoring services have earned my trust, and I am confident in recommending them.