Case Studies

Our Success Stories

Customer Support Services for the Submetering Equipment Client in the USA

Our client is located in the United States and is a major supplier of submetering equipment and billing services for natural gas, water, and electric utilities.

The client sought the assistance of an outsourcing partner that could provide a customer service staff that could answer questions from customers in both English while also making concierge calls to the appropriate team for more urgent problems.

Business Obstacles to Overcome

It was essential for the customer to employ highly competent and multilingual agents within a short period of time. This was a problem for them since their resources for hunting skills were limited, and their equipment was inadequate. We had to evaluate experts on short notice in order to verify that they were a good cultural fit.

ITech Power Solutions’ Proposed Solution

In less than five working days, ITech was able to select and enroll two customer support employees who were already familiar with the client’s needs and expectations. We took use of its worldwide reach to deputize a native English speaker from one of its ten global delivery centers, resulting in a positive impact on the client’s operations.

The Final Result

The team’s deliverables met with complete satisfaction on the part of the customer. They increased the size of the crew and turned the engagement into a long-term commitment.


Telemarketing Services for a Digital Marketing Client in the USA

Among the well-known digital marketers is the customer, who provides a platform for business corporations to connect with one another as well as for entrepreneurs and start-up founders. Users may connect with one another and exchange information, as well as give and receive information from one another.

The customer was searching for a telemarketing service provider that was both dependable and cost-effective. A partner that could assist them with timely appointment scheduling, as well as inbound sales services, was also sought by the company. Their primary goal was to rapidly enroll a core staff and then grow up from that point.

Business Obstacles to Overcome

Although our contact center team at ITech Power Solutions was successful in executing the project for the customer, there were some difficulties. Some of the most significant difficulties we encountered were as follows:

The customer requested that we recruit a team of 15 agents and begin working on the project as soon as feasible during the first phase.

As soon as the proof of concept was completed, the customer requested that we scale up the team size and operations in a timely manner.

ITech Power Solutions’ Proposed Solution

Our team at ITech Power Solutions developed a project plan for the customer while taking the client’s needs and difficulties into consideration. We were able to swiftly recruit the team with the assistance of our talent acquisition team, which completed the process in 5 working days. The team was able to execute the necessary operations effectively since it consisted of a mixture of youthful talent and seasoned veterans.

Our team was able to improve and optimize the process over time, which resulted in increased production and team efficiency. In order to explain the platform to the customers and onboard them for signing up, our team of highly trained agents had to work fast and efficiently.

The Final Result

The customer was overjoyed with the outcomes of the campaign, and he was able to generate a significant number of leads as a consequence. The customer requested that additional telemarketers be added to the team and that operations be scaled up. The client was not only pleased with the number of people that signed up on their platform but also with the overall cost-effectiveness of the project as a whole.


Chat Support Services for a Leading Movers Company in the USA

One of the most well-known packers and movers companies in the United States has approached us to help them with their relocation needs. They are organized into various sections that are dispersed across the city of New York. They are able to accommodate nearly all types of moving service requirements at a reasonable price.

The customer was seeking a partner that could assist them in responding to chat inquiries made via their website in a timely and correct manner. They were also looking for someone who could assist customers through chat as well as communicate with the service teams to ensure that their demands were met. Another request from the customer was for assistance with new company purchases, which we were happy to provide.

Business Obstacles to Overcome

While executing the chat support project for the customer, our team at ITech Power Solutions encountered a number of difficulties that needed to be overcome. Some of the most significant difficulties we encountered were as follows:

According to the client’s specifications, our team was to recruit highly experienced and skilled personnel that could comprehend their needs and offer them personalized chat assistance.

The client wanted us to engage with customers on a regular basis, understand their needs, and collaborate with the support team to ensure that the tasks were completed.

ITech Power Solutions’ Proposed Solution

A simplified strategy for the customer was developed by our team at ITech Power Solutions, taking into consideration the client’s needs and difficulties. We began working on the project, and the customer requested that we put up an additional team of 10-15 people.

The Final Result

The quality of the outcomes provided by our team impressed the client, who expressed his gratitude. Our staff was able to offer the customer accurate chat support services for their website, which they were very pleased with. Our team of callers was successful in generating high-quality leads for the customer, allowing them to expand their operations across the nation. They were pleased not just with the overall quality of the deliverables but also with the overall cost-effectiveness of the project as a whole.