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Are you having trouble marketing your services or products?

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Are you searching for professional chat support solutions that will allow you to provide timely customer care to your customers?

When you use online chat support solutions, you have the convenience of advertising your services/products in the market you want to target while spending the least amount of money.

ITech Power Solutions is a prominent live chat support company that has been in the business of delivering customized chat support services for more than fifteen years. In order to help you in extending your market reach, boosting the number of visits to your website, and reducing the number of people who leave your website, we provide cost-effective online chat support services.

We Provide Live Chat Support Services

We offer cost-effective online live chat support services that may improve client satisfaction levels while simultaneously increasing the value of your brand. We provide a wide variety of chat support services to customers all around the world, including:

 Live operators as well as online chat services

Communication with visitors is handled by our chat support representatives, who make use of our well-designed chat guides. They are constantly ready to assist customers with their questions and concerns, and they respond quickly.

When visitor initiates a conversation

When a visitor starts a conversation, our employees react as soon as possible to ensure that you do not lose any potential customers. In the event that the visitor requires more information, our operators will transfer the conversation to a specialist.

Online Customer Service

We have established a distinct team of specialists to deal with client complaints, and we have dedicated agents who are responsible for resolving customer problems or providing expert advice on specific consumer queries on an individual basis.

Follow-up with Prospects and Lead Generation

To manage conversations for lead generation and follow-up, we may tailor our chat support services to meet your specific needs. This will help to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

Support for Technical Issues

With a professional staff of chat support executives, we can handle any kind of technical question and can either fix the problem or give the information needed to diagnose the customer’s issue quickly and efficiently.

Product and Service Information Chat

In the event that a client needs fast information about your goods or services and is not interested in lengthy discussions, our chat support operators can assist them. They have been taught to identify the actual nature of the customer’s inquiry and to give the most accurate information about the services or products.

Order Processing Queries

When your consumers need immediate information about order pickup and delivery, our chat support representatives can provide such information.

Support for Billing

We can tailor our chat support services to meet the specific needs of your internal/external billing problems, allowing you to offer a prompt response to your consumers.

Support for the Helpdesk

If a client is exploring your website and is seeking an immediate answer to his or her question, our agents may help the customer with their prompt replies to his or her inquiry. They may also keep note of the inquiries for the purpose of future resolution.

Pricing Options that are adaptable

A variety of variables, such as the number of operators, shift coverage, the volume of chats/calls, the location, and other considerations, are taken into consideration when determining price packages with us. This will assist you in substantially lowering the cost while simultaneously increasing the number of prospects.

Information Security is guaranteed

Our certified live chat support business provides 24/7 customer service. This demonstrates our dedication to protecting your company’s information from any unavoidable disruptions in service. Our workstations, delivery centers, and systems are built to last and are capable of protecting your data in the event of a security breach.

Best Infrastructure in town

Our contact center employees have access to cutting-edge technology and communication technologies, allowing them to provide their services within the time frame specified. We have a continuous network supply, a fire prevention and protection system, several layers of redundancy for a local connection, and other features in our offices and delivery locations, among other things.

Exceptional Quality

When it comes to providing chat support services, we have taken a Six-Sigma strategy. This contributes to raising the level of production while also decreasing waste. When you outsource live chat support services to us, you will see a continuous rise in the number of visitors to your website, which will result in a reduction in your cost per lead.

Transparency in the Operational Environment

Our approach to online chat support solutions is designed to make our resources more easily accessible to our customers. In order to do any future analysis, we record all of the conversations. Moreover, the conversations and phone calls may be analyzed based on more than 128 factors and are saved in our built-in CRM, which makes it easier to access them in the future for research reasons.

Your clients will get professional and accurate live chat support services on a 24/7/365 basis when they use our live chat support services. With ITech Power Solutions’ live chat support service, your customers will be able to get quick responses to their questions and concerns.

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